About L'AERO

At an altitude of 1607 metres, on the pistes and at the heart of the Grand Massif, The Aero overlooks the valley of Giffre.  Located on a discreet sunny flank of the plateau of Saix, this vast chalet has been recently refurbished and offers a refreshing stay in the Alps.  The apartments and rooms are spacious and boast views of the Grand Massif, the restaurant and bar encompass a south facing terrace and we welcome guests all year round.

Although The Aero has recently been modernised, its history is of great importance.  In 1951 Sameons was a pioneering town in the skiing tourism trade, creating the first link from the valley to the plateau.  In the location of The Aero, The Tempest restaurant was opened and operated with success for over twenty years.  Following the closure of the restaurant, an enterprise committee gained control of the building in 1976 and created an outdoor vacation centre.  It was at this time that the building acquired its current name.

By 1996 the vacation centre was no longer in use and lay vacant, attracting squatters and in turn vandalism and dereliction.  However, the building kept its name and there were not many people in the region unaware of the good reputation and beautiful location of The Aero.

It was following this that one day in 2000, a musician with a passion for the preserved mountains, happened upon the building and, despite its condition, fell in love with The Aero also.  The next three years were filled with investigation, planning and the search for a business partner.  This search came to fruition when he met a film production manager in 2003 who shared his devotion for the preserved mountains and who was also in search of a new adventure.  They became friends and with their respective partners, who were involved in the decoration of the apartments and rooms, embarked upon the transformation of The Aero.  How to create the perfect residence by combining rest and work, calm and creation, the slip and the slide, music and film? This is the challenge.

The official opening took place in December 2005.  The chalet had been rejuvenated and given a new lease of life.  The creation of spacious, comfortable and stylish accommodation has been acheived by mixing old and new in terms of interior decoration.  The restaurant offers a mix of traditional cuisine in addition to tastes from all over the world.  Collaboration with local, trusted suppliers from the valley; butcher, baker, grocer and cavist, afford produce for the restaurant unbeatable in quality.

The Aero is accessible on foot, on skis, by car or even by helicopter and thanks to our position there are a wide variety of activities on offer to our guests; from skiing, snowboarding and sledging to parapente, mountainbiking and hiking. Being 15 minutes from the plateau to the valley of Saix, it is also possible to enjoy rafting, tennis or cross-country skiing.

During your stay we request that you take note of the following:

Please do not dry clothes on the radiators and keep pillows and duvet away from them also.
Please don’t throw anything other than toilet paper down the toilet (tampons are also ok), there are bins provided in the rooms for any other items you wish to dispose of!
When opening the shutters please ensure that they are securely fastened to the exterior walls by the clips.
Please consider other guests and keep noise to a minimum early in the morning and late at night.
For your own safety and to preserve the chalet floors please remove ski shoes when inside the building. We’ve provided a ski room downstairs where all equipment can be removed and stored.
Please return all borrowed equipment to its original location within the chalet (i.e. the sledges, snow shovels etc).
If there is any damage to the rooms or to equipment please let any member of the team know as soon as possible.
Please remember to leave keys at reception when you’re going out or vacating the room/apartment.
To conserve energy and consider the environment we ask that you follow these tips:
Try not to let taps run unnecessarily.
Reduce the heat or turn the radiators off when you’re going out.
Turn off all the lights before you leave the room or apartment.
Please close the shutters in case of a storm.
Always ensure that the coded ski access door is securely closed when leaving the building or on return (the code is available to all guests, please ask a member of our team).

Be Responsible!

The apartments and rooms have been carefully cleaned and prepared for you by our team here at The Aero.  Please be considerate and leave the rooms as you found them.  A check of your room/apartment will be performed before you depart with you present.

The apartments and rooms are available from 3pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure.

Breakfast is available between 8am and 10am, lunch is served between 12pm and 2pm and dinner from 7.30pm until 9pm.

For groups and guests lunch will be served at 12pm and dinner at 7.30pm.

Many thanks for your cooperation.